The AICTE Has Appealed To Institutions To Admit Indian Students Who Returned From Ukraine. 

AICTE has asked various educational institutions to accept the applications of students who returned from Ukraine for the vacant seats available in the relevant years so that the students can continue their education.

AICTE has issued a letter to technical educational institutes, keeping the future of these students in mind. In the letter, the council said, “Around 20,000 Indian students have returned to the country from war-torn Ukraine, where they were studying medicine and engineering at various universities in Ukraine. These students who returned from Ukraine are in deep despair. “

The All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) has asked technical institutions throughout the nation to consider accepting students who have had to pause their studies due to the Russia-Ukraine war. Due to the conflict, around 20,000 Indian students doing MBBS and engineering in Ukraine were forced to return home.

“The matter was raised in Parliament, and it was recommended that the government of India would facilitate all educational possibilities for all those who want to continue their education in India, as it concerns the future of thousands of Indians, which should not be neglected,” it said.

Under pressure, Indian students from Ukraine dropped the course and returned home. For the time being, their future appears to be in question. Students interested in pursuing an MBBS degree choose to study in Ukraine since the cost of education there is lower, while competition for admission to medical institutions in India is quite high.

The National Medical Commission (NMC) regulations announced in 2021 for students pursuing medical graduates (FMGs) overseas mean no option for transfer from a foreign institution to an Indian university in the middle of an MBBS program since admission requirements and selection criteria are different.

The concern was also brought up in Parliament.

The AICTE has encouraged various institutions to consider returning students from Ukraine for unoccupied seats available in the respective years so that the students can complete their education.

(SOURCE- Odisha TV, The Times of India)

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