RCM Clubs

Collaboration for Effective Learning

The wide variety of clubs reflects diversity of the RCM community.

CLUBS are an integral part of the RCM experience. They enable students to explore their ideas in which they are interested as well as to discover new activities and ideas. At RCM, students are encouraged to discuss the opportunities provided by the clubs. RCM consists of multiple clubs which provide a meaningful extension of true potential and grow to the fullest.

  • RCM consists of financial club that helps students stay upgraded with the latest information and acquire the much needed knowledge.
  • Our Marketing club “SMARKETERS” brings together some of the brightest minds and facilitates development of new ideas, concepts, strategies etc.
  • The HR club plays a pivotal role in providing practical experience through fruitful discussions and implementation on human resource management, recruitment, and more.
  • The operations and decisions science club of RCM identifies, develops, documents, interprets, innovative approaches in operations and data science.

Marketing Club

Finance Club

Human Resource

Operation & Decision Science