Collaboration for Effective Learning

Industry Institute Interface

Exposure That Matters

Industry Interface is perhaps the most critical differentiator for management institutions worldwide. RCM gives due recognition to this fact.

In addition to the conventional methods of developing corporate interface such as the public relations work, organizing guest lectures and seminars, industrial visits, etc., leading to the placement of students, the institute strongly believes in establishing a firm foundation for corporate interface through some innovative practices.

Some of these practices include joint research projects taken up with industry, field studies undertaken by our faculty, involvement of students in associating themselves with the industry on some live cases, undertaking of Management Development Programs and consulting projects taken up by our faculty.

We at RCM strongly believe in making corporates our partners who would instill good practices, process and execution skills in our students. The course curriculum is periodically reviewed and changed to accommodate the emerging requirements of the Industry.

RCM’s organizational structure, systems and processes are constantly reviewed to accommodate better practices as learnt from our association with the industry leaders. This interest is also reflected in the constitution of our Board of Governors which includes eminent member as representatives from various industry.