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The Anti-Ragging Committee of Regional College of Management is re-constituted for the year 2016-17 taking the following persons as members.

Anti-Ragging Part-1

The UGC has drafted regulations on curbing the menace of ragging in higher educational institutions in order to prohibit, prevent, and eradicate the scourge of ragging. It is brought to the attention of the institutions, students, and other various stakeholders. The regulations are available on the UGC website at www.ugc.ac.in and were notified by Notification No. F. 1-16/2009 (CPP-II) dated October 21, 2009. 


Anti-Ragging Part-2

The institutions may install appropriate hoardings, billboards, or banners in conspicuous locations on campus to urge students to abstain from or refrain from engaging in ragging and to list there the names of the officials and their contact information in the event of ragging. The Institution may also launch other ragging prevention campaigns that it deems appropriate. 

Ragging An Avoidable Crime Part-3

To ensure that the recommendations of the Justice Raghavan Committee and the directions of the Honorable Supreme Court of India are strictly followed, all educational institutions should establish an anti-ragging committee, squads, and a dedicated cadre of wardens and professional counsellors. 

Ragging An Avoidable Crime Part-4

Any violation of the above-mentioned UGC regulations, as well as any institution’s failure to prevent ragging effectively, to act in accordance with these regulations, or to adequately punish those responsible for ragging incidents, will result in punitive action being demanded by the UGC against institutions with faults.