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Being the most popular product of the ERP System, SAP Software is one of the leading business systems that proves to be an indispensable part of your business. SAP system automates on various technical and functional modules for exceptional visibility and better efficiency in business. 

When the technical and functional modules are shared in real time, departments scattered across various organizations to merge and focus on achieving organizational goals systematically. 

SAP prides itself on being highly adaptive with any system of the organization and More than 180 countries, with over 4,25,000 customers exclusively use SAP Software ERP. 

What Is SAP Software?

Having its roots in Germany, SAP stands for System Application and Products in Data Processing (SAP INDIA)and ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning. The innovative application was primarily designed to handle data processing. The insight and vision going into it was to create a standard application software for processing businesses in real-time. 

Layers In SAP Software:

Presentation Layer:

Also known as the Input Layer or the Client Layer, it is responsible for accepting inputs from function keys that are provided by the user. The SAP GUI is the foremost presentation layer that grapples with the interaction between PC and its users. 

Application Layer:

This layer also goes by the names of Basis or ABAP layer and is where the processing and execution of programs essentially transpires. The message server, which comprises context memories and shared memory Dispatcher, dishes out which work processor is free and follows up with directing transaction loads into those free processors. 

The entire process is called Current Load Balancing in SAP Software. 

Database Layer:

Consisting of application and customized data, its primary objective is to fetch data from RDBMS. SAP has its own database, Hana, which has an adaptability with all major databases like Oracle. 


Key Characteristics Of SAP Software and ERP Systems:


SAP software technology focuses its expertise in the areas of management Sales, Finance, HR, and Manufacturing. It is an integration of numerous modules that are consolidated into a single system. It performs core activities and is successful in significantly increasing customer service with the modules in constant communication with each other to hasten efficient decision making. 

Conveniently bridging information and filling gaps across organizations, SAP facilitates better project management and allowing introduction to various aspects such as the internet, intranet, video conferencing and e-commerce. SAP Software also enhances productivity, cash management and delivers promptly. 


ERP Systems – SAP is a system that must be exclusively developed by consultants; rendering vendors unable to implement ERP-SAP. The vendors are responsible for employing jargons through which users map organizational business processes. Hence, long term relationships are maintained by the organizations with the consultants. 

Best Practices:

ERP System consultants must be in constant communication with different organizations in an industry. Also with aspiringacademicians to come up with an efficient way to take care of business proceedings. This is commonly called Industry best practices.  

Any changes brought about in these proceedings will adversely affect the implementation of the ERP system. For that sole reason, organizations hesitate to accept such “practices”. 

PC Assembly:

During the installation of ERP SAP, the SAP software faces integration but the platform on which it operates fails to do so. Most organizations come across an issue while integrating their ERP system – SAP software with their operating systems, hardware packages, database management systems SAP software, and telecommunications. The specifications fail to suit their specific requirements. 


The ERP system is constantly evolving according to people’s rapidly changing needs. The changes architecturally are primarily in the mainframe, client/server, web-enabled, object oriented, and componentization. 

SAP Software


Improved Corporate Governance:

With SAP software, a company can strive towards achieving organization objectives and surge to achieve it for the involvement of real-time data processing across all organizations.

Reduced Cost:

Due to the efficiency with which SAP integrates all business processes into the main system where real-time data updation is included, the number of employees is reduced, conserving the resources of the organization.

Increased Effectiveness & Efficiency Of Business With SAP Software:

There is an enormous enhancement in productivity with the usage of SAP Software. It eliminates the hassle of entering data repeatedly, reducing it to data being entered only once. The data entered can be forwarded efficiently to other employees via mail. 

Employee Involvement:

SAP software encourages employees to hone their decision-making skills that doubles up as a way to motivate the employees, too. With the web portal in SAP, employees get to work with the latest technology rather than the orthodox pen and paper way. 

Flexible Organization Is Made Possible:

Data is integrated right into the system and changes made in the data are carried out in real time, building the organization to be transparent.

In Conclusion : 

With the above blog, it must be crystal clear to you that ERP SAP is an indispensable part of business in both recent times and since time immemorial. Learn more about SAP and how it’ll help you build yourself up as an uber successful entrepreneur in the business world with RGBS’ interactive and real-life case studies. Prepare for the next and stay in the loop within the how’s and what’s of technology with RGBS’ PGDM courses in ERP SAP. 




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