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Regulations For Hybrid Learning To Be Effective Soon: AICTE Chairman

Bengaluru: The All India Council of Technical Education (AICTE) will soon come out with regulation for hybrid learning: Chairman Anil Sahasrabudhe.  

The chairman of AICTE and Tech Avant Garde said last week during a programme on hybrid learning for college leaders in Bengaluru that particular specifics, such as infrastructure, do’s and don’ts, faculty training, and other topics, would be released soon. 

He added that the Council would establish a National Technology Forum as a venue for all relevant stakeholders to exchange pedagogy, curriculum, or instructional materials.  

Sahasrabudhe said that the regulations for this year has also mandated that students who are exiting the course after two years be given an additional bridge course and awarded a diploma certificate, paving way for multiple exit options. 

He counselled colleges to not ignore the fundamental engineering branches. “AI will reach saturation if everything works well. Students should be urged to enroll in the fundamental subjects as well. You can also offer them minor programmes in a new age programmes along with core disciplines, he said.  

“One of the biggest challenges in introducing hybrid learning will be to take teachers into confidence. There will be initial reluctance, which we need to overcome,” said B Thimme Gowda, Vice Chairman, Karnataka State Higher Education Council. 

(Source: Times Of India


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