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RCM -Where Amalgamation of Industry & Academia Dwells

Since ages it is debated that professional education must be industry oriented and should aim to bring academics and industry on the same page. RCM Bhubaneswar, the first and top management institute of Odisha, follows the curriculum which majorly focuses on the current market trends. Their industry-based curriculum helps the students to get an idea to a great extent about the processes and procedures that resides in the market.  

Today’s market or the industry is facing a rapid change every day. So, when a new candidate enters into the industry, geared up with the old syllabus provided by their institutes, they tend to become impediment in dealing with the new industry trends which hampers their work life. In order to avoid any such instances that their students can face in the future, RCM has opted for an advancement in the curriculum of every course by giving an additional edge to the students so that they can survive and by this means outshine in their career.  

As far as management studies is concerned, PGDM is said to be the most sought-after course which provides an advance learning approach to the students. The PGDM program of RCM is designed under the guidance of the industry experts to embrace the industry practices in the course for the students to imbibe and develop as per the corporate world. The industry aligned curriculum of RCM focuses on extending immense exposure to the students by conducting workshops, seminars, orientations, live projects, and global certifications which will be useful for the corporate work.  

Regional College of Management (RCM), Bhubaneswar strives in its flagship program of not only PGDM course but every other course to bring the industry to the classroom studies by conveying the exceptional quality education and knowledge to its future millennial managers in order to develop creativity and foster their knowledge according to the demands of the changing market. 

For inheriting a Global career potential, RCM ensures that their students should have the skills to compete for jobs not only in India, but increasingly in any organization in the world. The student-oriented education of RCM is flexible and provides personalized attention to each of the students’ needs. The institute aims at developing business personalities through cutting-edge business programs and prepares the students for success in the global marketplace. To open the new door for creativity and imbibing a practical approach towards learning, RCM Bhubaneswar would be the Best B-School for every management aspirant out there.  


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