40 year legacy in management

RCM – The 40 Years Of Legacy In Management!

What Exactly Is Legacy? 

Legacy! As per the proverb, it’s like planting seeds in a meadow you’ll never see. 

A legacy is similar to a collection of histories and memories from a period of time. They appear to be influencing over one and many; essentially, they resemble stories. Whatever their monetary value, they still appear to be treasured items! But the stories that surround it always give it value. The legacy is the result of several intentional activities taken over a lengthy period of time, which may span years or even decades! 

We are all very familiar with the ideology of legacy- Hope and legacies go hand in hand. Hope is the conviction that things will be better in the future than they are right now, and when you create your legacy, you’re actively creating that better future. It is something valuable that has been passed down to or obtained from a predecessor. Another way to think about a legacy is as a gift. 

RCM – About The Institution:

RCM - Legacy of 40 Years In Management Studies

The Regional College of Management, for more than 4 decades, has nurtured young minds to think critically, innovate fearlessly, learn joyfully, and lead with passion. 

With a 40-year history in management education, it not only provides a highly on-campus learning environment that encourages active engagement and extensive teamwork through critical thinking and decision-making, but it also works to uphold high academic standards and develop tomorrow’s leaders through the creative application of case study techniques, industry outings, Field Immersion modules, and classroom instruction. 

The Regional College of Management is aware of the need to instill the proper ideals in young minds considering the competitive and dynamic environment in which we currently live. Along with providing important instruction for today, RCM instils the value of cooperation over competitiveness. 

More than 15,000 students call the Institute, one of the premier management schools in the nation, home. The intellectual capital of its highly competent professors is RCM’s greatest asset. Faculty members consistently try to innovate in the teaching and learning process by utilising global and Indian examples, simulations, role-playing, presentations, individual and group assignments, fieldwork, and projects, in addition to creating a forward-looking and current curriculum. 

Faculty members that actively participate in counselling, mentoring, and self-improvement programmes improve the nature of the teacher-student interaction. International adjunct academics and well-known industry practitioners supplement the Institute‘s full-time faculty’s significant intellectual capital supply. 

By participating in conclaves, seminars, and consortiums, RCM further enhances its intellectual capital. Our academic members regularly conduct research, write scholarly articles, and publish them in peer-reviewed journals with a global reputation. 


The college has received approval under UGC Act sections 2(f) and 12(b). The UGC granted the institute status in 2009.It is the first management institute established by the University Grants Commission in Eastern India. Since its beginnings, the institute has grown significantly in all facets of management education. It has 15k+ alumni worldwide holding top positions in reputed companies and has been recognized as the 4th Best B-School in Eastern India. The “Gyan Sagar Library” “of RCM is one of Odisha’s biggest book rooms with 60,300+ books. The only college with a PLUS advantage in PGDM, MBA, MCA, MA-TA, BBA, and BCA. Since its inception, it has held 96% placement records each year. AICTE, UGC, BPUT, and Utkal University-affiliated programmes are spread across a high-tech campus of 1,35,000 square feet in the heart of the city. Let’s see what the chairman of RCM has to say! 

About The Chairman Of RCM: 

Prabir Pal (Ch.) - Legacy of 40 Years In Management Studies

Prabir Pal, the founder and chairman of RCM in Bhubaneswar, is an IIM-trained professional with more than 40 years of experience in the industry and academia. financial support, market expansion in agribusiness, and consulting. actively serving on the Association of Indians’ Executive Board.Mr. Pal received recognition as a “Fellow AIMA” from the Association of Indian Management Schools (AIMS) for his commitment to excellence in New Delhi Management Training. Thanks to Dr. Prabir Pal’s great direction, the Regional College of Management will rise to the top of the B-School Category rankings. 

A Message From The Chairman: 

Today’s business world requires leaders who will not only contribute to their organisations but will also provide new direction and leadership to society in order to make it a better place to live. 

RCM was established way back in 1982, and since its inception, it has been continuously evolving in its strategy to respond to contemporary business needs and social changes. Our alumni have achieved laurels in the past and have set a trend for the new entrants to face the emerging challenges with professionalism and dedication. With world-class infrastructural facilities and a dedicated team of talented faculty members, RCM always strives to achieve excellence in the various dimensions of management education. 

RCM Bhubaneswar continues to be the best in its class across the board. The faculty have shaped management thinking in their field of influence. The techniques and methodologies of the institute have changed over time. Our outstanding talent is also one of the best-trained but still keen to learn, ready to join the list of highly successful alumni across professions. I, along with all the other members of the RCM family, welcome you to our institute and wish that you have an unbelievably valuable experience at RCM!” 

Director’s Message:

Pritam Pal (Dr)- Legacy of 40 Years In Management Studies

Along with the message of the day, we also have the message given by the director of RCM, Dr. Pritam Pal. He states that, “I wish to thank you for showing interest in the Regional College of Management (RCM), Bhubaneswar is one of the management colleges in the country. We have been providing quality education in management for the past 35 years, and over 7000 students have graduated from the Regional College of Management (RCM), since its inception in 1982”. 

“RCM is internationally accredited by ACBSP, USA, and has constantly endeavoured to grow and develop our network around the globe. The Institute has collaborative partnerships with the leading management schools in several regions of the world. As an institute of excellence, we aim to provide high-quality management education, action-centric research, and value-added consulting. 

“Our vision is to create future leaders who manage and create powerful organisations in the emerging corporate landscape.” The curricula are industry oriented and based on best global practices. Various pedagogic tools not only help our students develop a holistic business perspective but enable them with the capability to seize opportunities in a competitive business environment as well. ” 

“Our focus is to develop our students as global citizens and inculcate qualities like tolerance, respect, and appreciation towards diverse cultures and religions, for a life changing experience.” We build our students to be self-motivated and independent. We train them through case studies, and by putting them in practical situations to enhance their decision-making ability—essential to taking up leadership roles in the future. 

As a prospective student, you are welcome to explore options that may be available to you in our various academic programs, with up to 1 cr. scholarships, and please do not hesitate to contact us for additional information or queries. 

If you represent a business organization and are seeking any information on our students, activities, etc., you are welcome to contact us, and we will be happy to explore initiatives of mutual interest. 

As a parent of a student, we assure you of a very enriching and fruitful time that your ward will be spending with us. 

The Years Of Achievement And Awards:

RCM Awards and Recognition

RCM has received the Best Management Institute Award in 2019 on the occasion of the World Management Congress at the India International Centre, New Delhi. 

It also got the 17th and 18th Dewang Mehta & Business School Awards and Asia’s Best B-School Award. In 2011, RCM received the Best Social Responsibility Award from AIIMS. The B-school leadership award by the Le Matinal Educational Excellence Awards The regional college of management has demonstrated excellence in order to receive the most prestigious CSR award. 

The government of India’s Ministry of Corporate Affairs has established the National Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Awards to honour companies that have had a beneficial impact on society through creative and sustainable CSR projects. 

The investigation of our diversity—what it means to each person and how it is influenced by each person’s life experiences—is at the centre of our fascinating kaleidoscope. “We take diversity with us everywhere we go, so it is vital to us.” RCM has always taken great pleasure in its cultural and educational variety as a whole. Students from various states and experiences have come together to learn from and with one another as a cohesive group. Where diversity fosters adaptability. 


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