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Faculty Profile

Name of the faculty : Prof. Sanhita Sarkar

Academic Title : Assistant Professor

Area of Expertise : Human Resource Development. Social Processes and Behavioural Issues.

University : Regional College of Management (RCM), Bhubaneswar 

Email :

LinkedIn/Facebook/Twitter: linkedin 

Research Area Interests   

Capital Market Efficiency through Share Price Behavior

  • MBA: Fakir Mohan University. Teacher Traing Diploma: Calcutta Montessori Training

Head Admin(2017-2018) Kidzee Kangaroo

Human Resource Development

Message for The Students :

The world is going through unprecedented change. Challenging times like these test the strength, character and tenacity of the individual and mankindEducation should be geared, not merely for fulfilling professional aspirations, but towards a much greater Destiny, beyond Sect, Creed, Gender or Nationality. The Future calls for you, the Youth, to fulfil that higher purpose in life. ARE YOU READY FOR A CHANGED WORLD ORDER????     

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