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RCM College Library Resources You Need to Know

College life doesn’t have to be a boring monotonous time filled with studying and mugging up. It can be fun and exciting all the while retaining its educational value.

Such is the life in RCM where education meets fun. The students here value their academics and almost every student can be seen going in and out of the library. RCM College is known for housing a huge array of books and journals that beats any other.

Gyan Sagar Central Library: Biggest Library Resources Of RCM College

The Gyan Sagar Central Library RCM Bhubaneswar Learning Centre with its modern collection of knowledge resources and innovative information services fills an essential role for students, faculty, and the surrounding community in their intellectual pursuits.

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Library collection is in accordance with the needs and demands of the users. In keeping with the vision and mission of the institute, the library has been established “to facilitate knowledge generation and its application through effective dissemination”.

The Library holds knowledge resources predominantly related to management subjects. The LC has good collection development on Textbooks and Reference Books.

Besides holding an excellent print collection of books, it also provides access to popular magazines, selected journals, reports, e-books, e-journals and online databases Management.

Users can access the online databases and also find out the real-time availability of library materials from their own computer terminals.

Here are 7 library resources that students need to know:


The Gyan Sagar is aptly named with over 57,000 books, journals, and reports that prove to be infinitely helpful to the students. The book collection of the library consists of books, back-volumes of periodicals, Projects etc.

Except reference collection, all the books are available on the ground floor of the Learning Centre. Reference books have been kept on the first floor.

Study Spaces

University seldom provide a safe and secure space for students to focus on their studies. At RCM’s library, we provide that reserved spot for students to get a proper environment. This would boost their motivation and help them focus on their studies.

There are spots for students that want a completely quiet place. RCM understands how difficult it can be for students to find a serene place to study. Hence, we’ve made it our priority to provide all sorts of comfort to the student.

Free Printing

One of the biggest facilities we provide you with is free printing. This can come really handy and resourceful to students who urgently need papers and research work printed.

Course Resources

The library caters to all the educational needs of the students. Our books and source material are extensive and varied, that covers all the topics you might be looking for. With Gyan Sagar, forget about buying and spending money on books.


A great service that is less notable as of present say is the easy borrowing resource. Students can easily take a book out of the library and renew it whenever they want.

The library is very reasonable as well as lenient with students borrowing and renewing books as long as they take good care of them.


It is undeniable that coffee and books together are the perfect blend of excellence. RCM’s canteen and juice bar fills both your thirst and your cravings with our delectable selections of snacks, tea, and coffee for the students.

Digital Library Resources & Information Technology Section

Automated and Digital Library Services are provided from these sections. All sections of the Library have been connected through LAN.

Computer Data Base of the holdings of the Library has already been created using the Library Management Software e-Granthalaya.

Maintaining Hardware and Software, Providing Internet Service, E-resources Access Services etc. Library is having more than 30 desktops to cater various needs of the users and Library staff. More than 10 desktops are provided for the users for browsing the e-resources.

The e-library provides eBook Volumes 10,200 a single-window access to all the electronic resources subscribed by the library. The e-library is accessible across the campus network. With leading online journals are available in the library on Management & Information Technology.

Journal Section

Both Indian and Foreign journals (print) currently subscribed and journals received as gift are displayed on the shelves. Newspapers and popular magazines are also available for reading.

At present, 100 plus print journals subscribed by the Library. A journal, on completion of its volume will be processed for binding.

After the binding is over, the volume will be accessioned and added to the Back-Volume shelf. Necessary reading tables and chairs are provided for reading and reference.


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