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”One Nation One Data’ platform to simplify HEI certification, approval, and management”

The portal will provide accurate information that will control unethical behavior and any discrepancies in the accreditation procedure. The Education Ministry has formed a committee, that will set up a ‘One Nation One Data portal, which will be a single source for data collection for accreditation, approvals, and other administrative tasks of Higher Educational Institutions (HEIs). The HEIs will be required to submit information related to students, faculty, infrastructure, research projects, and placements among others. This will save the HEIs the trouble of entering the details in various portals needed for administrative work and also while participating in the periodic assessment, ranking, and grading by various regulatory bodies like AICTE, NAAC, NBA, and NIRF. Multiple submission of data by the HEIs at times, makes the process of data validation difficult. Once the entire data is collected and uploaded on the new portal, it will be verified by the respective colleges and universities for any inconsistencies, authenticity, and duplication. 

Anil Sahasrabudhe, chairperson, the National Educational Technology Forum (NETF) tells Education Times, “ The One Nation One Data portal will be fully operational by the next academic session. It will help regulatory bodies like AICTE, NAAC, NBA, and NIRF, which are being aggregated on the portal. Standardization of data will allow the institutes to provide data just once a year instead of multiple times. The academic data will help the regulatory and accreditation bodies for the 2024-25 academic session that will be collected and updated on the portal in about six months,”  

“Standardisation of the data collection will ease the process for HEIs and regulatory bodies. “The institutes have been found to engage consultants to get better grades. However with such a transparent process HEIs shall not get any benefit unless their data is correct and truthful,” adds Sahasrabudhe. 

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(Source: Times of India

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