NASSCOM 2022, Bhubaneswar: The Second Last Halt of Techtonic Journey Ends Tomorrow


Over the last year, there has been a lot of change and uncertainty and this has led to the technology being considered more integral and not just an enabler. the last couple of years have thrown many curveballs but the Indian technology sector has shown resilience and promises more growth opportunities as digital spending goes up to tackle the challenges amid the ‘next normal’. 

The advent of technology has geared a major transformation all around the world. Businesses and industries are gradually adapting to these robust emerging technologies to achieve greater workflow and be at par with the tech-savvy world. Technology advancements are the key drivers of businesses today and the Indian tech industry is making constant efforts to stay ahead of the curve. 

NasTech 2022– A TechTONIC Journey

The 3rd edition of NASTech with the theme of ‘A TechTONIC (T- Technology, O- Opportunities, N- Networking, I- Innovation, C- Collaboration) Journey’ will spur rational discussions, edifying sessions, knowledge dissemination, and enriching conversations on why it’s imperative for businesses to embrace emerging technologies to help them stay in the course. 

This mega convention will take place across 5 prime locations Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Chennai, Bhubaneshwar & Kochi, and will invite various impactful industry leaders to impart their key views and share their valuable experiences. 

The 3rd edition of NASTech has an overall theme of ‘A TechTONIC (Transformation I  Opportunities I  Networking I  Innovation  I Collaboration) Journey’ that will spur rational discussions, edifying sessions, knowledge dissemination, and enriching conversations on why it’s imperative for businesses to embrace emerging technologies to be in the course.

This mega convention of NASTech week will take place across 5 prime locations Bangalore (6th), Hyderabad (7th), Chennai (8th), Bhubaneshwar (9th FN), and Kochi (9th AN). 

The event Scheduled for 9th December 2022 (Bhubaneswar) are as follows: 

Time   Scheduled Events  
10:00 am IST   Inauguration and Welcome Note by NASSCOM Regional Director  
10:30 am IST   Robotics and Automation for Industry 4.0  
11:15 am IST   Computer Vision: Application in Forest and Wildlife Conservation and Agriculture  
11:45 am IST   Networking Tea Break  
12:00pm IST   Applying Data Science and AI to Healthcare  
12:30 pm IST   Cybersecurity Best practices for Enterprises  
1:15 pm IST   Application of Technology in the Promotion of Handicrafts  
1:45 pm IST   Life’s Journey and Fight for Social Justice- A Special Address  
2:15 pm IST   Networking Lunch  
2:45 pm IST   Welcome Address  
2:55 pm IST   Future of Tech- Opportunities for IT in the Current Global scenario  
3:20 pm IST   AI influencing daily lives – The story of a sapper  
3:40 pm IST   A Unicorns Journey  
4:00 pm IST   Tech in Action – Mixed Reality Experience  
4:15 pm IST   Tea-break  
4:45 pm IST   Technological shifts – The impact on Retail  
5:15 pm IST   Securing the Digital Economy  
5:30 pm IST   Future of Work Place and Evolving employee expectations in the Digital Era  
6:15 pm IST   The ESG imperative  
6:40 pm IST   Tech in Action – The Virtual Universe  
7:00 pm IST   Ente Lakshyam (The goal of India in the competitive sporting world)  

Some Eminent Speakers Scheduled for tomorrow’s event  are: 

  • Dr. Soumya Bhattacharya- SVP Digital -AI, ML, IOT, CalSoft Inc. 
  • Mr. Sibabrata Mohanty- Head- Data & AI, Emerging Technologies, TCS 
  • Dr. J.J. Rayapaudi – Sr. SME, AI Healthcare, iMerit Technologies 
  • Mr. Mohar Manohar Mishra- Cofounder and CTO, Inovaate Corporation 
  • Mr. Manish Kumar Pandey- Delivery Manager, Cyber Security at Infosys 
  • Mr. Angshuman Bhattacharya – CEO, Sibia Analytics 
  • Ms. Bhagyashree Pani – Partnership at Amazon, Global Selling Team 
  • Smt. Pratibha Ray- Author & Jnanpith Award Winner, Padma Bhushan 
  • Mr. Ashwini Kumar Rath- Director and CEO, Batoi 
  • Mr. Srimat Acharya- Head, EVM & DFIR, TCS Cyber Security  

Venue : 

Lemon Tree Premier, Bhubaneswar, 1334,Maitre Vihar Road NALCO Nagar, Chandrasekharpur 

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