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NAAC Chief offers Guidance to Institutions on How to Get High Grades

Prof. K Rama, a former NAAC advisor, stated that instilling a strong value system and making effective use of technology are two key areas that universities should focus on in order to receive a good NAAC grade during a session on the evaluation of NAAC parameters on day one of Shiksha Manthan.

Considering other factors crucial for a high NAAC grade, Rama said, “Universities must contribute to national development, foster global competencies and pursue excellence in all fields. These will help them earn a good grade.”

Rama proposed many strategies that help standardise important parts of the higher education system in order to allow evaluation at both the micro and macro levels. She offered a list of seven standards that are constantly modified to reflect how the educational landscape is evolving.

The first three include retooling pedagogy, assessment, and student support; ensuring the integrity of exams; implementing choice-based credit systems (CBCS) and registering under the Academic Bank of Credits (ABC); and emphasising research, innovation, and extension activities as critical objectives in higher education towards the 2030 vision.

She claimed that NAAC had released a benchmark to assist colleges and universities in reaching their accreditation goals. On the NAAC website, you can access the manual that contains these procedures.

(Source: Times of India

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