The Need for Career Counsellors in Today’s Education System

We are aware of the importance of decisions in career. When you have a planned execution based upon your decisions, the outcomes are more than satisfactory. Career counsellors give you the direction, navigation, and the drive to reach your goals faster.   

But to get there, you would need a proper guidance from professionals who would help you decide. They well keep your interests in mind and help you figure out the best action plan for your future.  

Why Do I Need Career Counselling? 

In countries like India, where parents pretty much take an active participation in deciding our career options for you, it gets difficult in finding your area of interest. 

The parents have expectations of you becoming a doctor, engineer or lawyer. This puts a lot of pressure on the student if their interests don’t lie in either of them or whatever path their parents have laid out for them.   

For this reason, it is advisable to seek the help of a career counsellor to help you with reaching a conclusion. When a professional is involved, they can undoubtedly explain the parents how the particular career option would be beneficial for their child. And also, how much scope for growth is present in that particular field. This puts the parents’ minds at ease.  

Career Counsellors

Helps Pick The Right Career 

Career counsellors are experts in their fields. They can assess your aptitudes personality and niche. They are through in evaluating all aspects of you to lay out the best career options from all available and relevant options. They specifically handpick those which will be the most beneficial to you.   

Helps Provide Expert Resources  

A student, when taking help from a career counsellor, can get the access to all the information from experts themselves. The students can be provided with the resources and knowledge that a career counsellor has acquired.  

The information would help you in narrowing down your options as per your interests. It would be impossible to reach a conclusion without the information from a professional career counsellor.   

Helps Gain Confidence And Insight  

If you ever doubted your abilities in a certain area even if you were good at it, a career counsellor would help you gain back the confidence. They would take into consideration your abilities and skills and map out the perfect career plan for you. 

They would help you understand and overcome the hurdles in your path. Career counsellors also have the duty to provide insight and confidence to the counselee.  

Helps Change Unwanted Behaviour Patterns 

Students have certain habits which are difficult to break and end up being a barrier towards achieving their dreams. Procrastinating, not keeping oneself updated on the latest developments in their field of interest, neglecting emotional and mental health, etc.  

These are just some of the behavioural patterns a career counsellor helps you break to lead a productive and successful life.  

It goes without a doubt that choosing a career is stressful. It can be a demanding task for both you and your guardians. A lack of venting source to throw your emotions and thoughts out to can lead to them building up. Letting your emotions bottle up can be an unhealthy way and lead to frustration.   

Career counsellors come up with viable solutions that not only help reduce frustration but also help focus on re-directing it to fetch better and productive results.

Provides A Role-Model  

Career counsellors are often looked up to by students as they could connect to an expert who has experiences of a lifetime. The counsellors can be role models to the students giving an example of everything that they’ve achieved. Their goal towards helping others and accomplishing new achievements inspire students to do better in life.   

RCM recognizes the crucial need of career counsellors in a student’s life. They show them the light and the path towards a wonderful journey and destination. Our counsellors help students work towards building up their skills for better career options.  

The Career counselling sessions prove to be of utmost help as students who feel lost in today’s world of boundless opportunities feel helpless.  

Career counsellors wipe all semblance of doubt in a student and propel them towards achieving their goal with noteworthy results.   


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