Bricks of RCM

Bricks of RCM

Regional College of Management (RCM), Bhubaneswar, the first management college in Odisha, was established in 1982. The college has been approved under section 2(f) and 12 (b) of the UGC Act. The institute has been conferred the status by UGC in the year 2009. It is the first management institute in Eastern India conferred by the University Grants Commission. The institute since its inception, developed immensely in all areas of management education.

Years of Legacy
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sq.ft of hi- tech campus
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From the light Bearers

Guided by the motto “Passion for Innovative Education,” RCM College relentlessly pursues improvement and excellence. Fostering a dynamic learning environment with cutting-edge technologies, the institution is dedicated to shaping a future-ready generation in management education. Committed to shared values, RCM College stands as a distinguished beacon of educational advancement, offering an enriching experience that prepares students for the challenges of tomorrow.

Board of Governors

In pursuance of the recommendation of the Regional College of Management (RCM) Trust vide its resolution No.5 dated 15-03-2021, the Governing Body Of Regional College Of Management, Bhubaneswar is reconstituted as per the policy, norms and regulation of AICTE approval process hand book, APPENDIX-18, Recommended Composition of Board of Governors(BOG)/Board of Management(BOM) of the technical Institution 2021-2022 and to comply the letter of Employment & Technical Education and Training Department, Govt. Of Odisha issued on 13-01-2015 vide letter No. 184/ETET for Re/constitution of governing Body (GB) of the Institute.

Prof. (Dr.) Prabir Pal​


Dr. Prasanna kumar Patasani

Educationist, Ex- M.P

Dr. Sanghamitra Pal


Dr. Pritam Pal


World Class Infrastructure

RCM is setting an example for all institutions as leading institute of the country. With the collection of vast knowledge and effective practices all over the globe, the students are given a solid foundation for learning.

We have the latest ERP implementation for quick response time and advanced learning. At RCM, we have air-conditioned open style classrooms which provide the most attractive atmosphere for dynamic and focused discussions. However, RCM campus is equipped with a library that stores more than 1,00,000 books, international journals, periodicals, national journals etc. The high-tech labs are influential in providing practical experience to our students, where they can experiment with the theories and evolve as better, smarter and concept rich products of RCM. Truly a leading Education Provider with 135,000 square feet with all the high-tech ERP facilities for an ultimate learning experience.

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