AICTE urges Colleges to accredit 60% of their courses. Learn more here 

The All India Council for Technical Education has written to affiliated schools requesting that 60% of the courses delivered over the next two years be accredited in order to assure prolongation of approval. 

In a letter dated Dec. 23, Rajendra Kakade, advisor and head of approval bureau, cited a clause in the Approval Process Handbook (2022-23-23) requiring technical institutions to accredit 60% of eligible courses within the next two years, or “the Council shall not issue EoA.” 

The accreditation process involves a physical inspection by a team from the council. It is offered for either three or six years, depending on compliance with the National Board of Accreditation norms. 

The mandate that courses be NBA-accredited is strongly criticised by engineering colleges as being selectively imposed to just privately funded institutions and not to government-run institutions. Faculty at private engineering colleges claim that Anna University and government colleges make no effort to comply with regulations. 

University officials admit that only a few motivated departments had until now applied for accreditation. 

Vice Chancellor R. Velraj said already 45% of the courses it offered are accredited and that it would not be difficult to get 60% of the courses accredited. “The university is in the process of getting accreditation. Most disciplines in the university departments are aiming for six years’ accreditation. “While some constituent colleges may get six years, the V-C expressed confidence that others would fall into the three-year slab,” he said. 

According to him, 17 departments have applied now. 

 (Source: The Hindu)  

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