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 AICTE to Implement ITEP Programmes in Technical Institutions. Get Details Here.

As part of the Integrated Teacher Education programmes (ITEP), the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) has directed technical colleges to offer BA, BSc, and BCom degrees as well as the Bed programmes. The goal is to reduce the time needed to earn a bed from five to four years.

As part of the Integrated Teacher Education programmes (ITEP), the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) has mandated that all technical institutes offer BA, BSc, and B.Com programmes in addition to the Bed programmes.

With the implementation of ITEP in 2021, a BE.d degree could be earned in four years instead of five, along with other traditional degrees like a BA or BSc.

Mamta Rani Agarwal, an advisor to the AICTE, released the most current circular. A multidisciplinary approach would also be introduced among engineering institutions with the creation of teacher training programmes, which is in line with NEP 2020’s aims.

“It is suggested that all multidisciplinary higher education institutions, particularly those rated A and above by the National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC), may be encouraged to initiate the ITEP,” said an AICTE official on the condition of anonymity.

Speaking to Education Times, Ivan Jose, engineering department, Christ University, Bangalore, says, “AICTE aims to empower affiliated colleges by introducing the Integrated Teacher Education Programme (ITEP).

This programme would allow the colleges approved by AICTE to offer teacher training programmes in the technical domain, such as BSc with ITEP programs. The goal is to produce quality teachers in technical education who can churn out students who would fit into the engineering and IT sectors.

To ensure the success of this initiative, engineering colleges would need to integrate important skilling concepts into their teacher training programmes. This can be achieved by singing MoUs with relevant industry/ professional bodies that would provide a practical and industry-oriented approach to teaching.”

“The need for this initiative arises from the observation that current teachers in technical institutions may not be adequately equipped to train students for employment in the IT and Computer Science Engineering sectors. This is particularly prevalent in the technical institutions located in tier 2 and 3 cities of the country. By introducing ITEP programmes, AICTE aims to bridge this gap and improve the quality of technical education in these institutions,” informs Jose.

“However, conventional engineering colleges may find it difficult to effectively introduce BA, BCom and full-fledged BE.d courses as these programmes are not related to their domain,” adds Jose.

Jayalekshmi Nair, Principal, of VES Institute of Technology, Mumbai, says, “The teaching faculties in the engineering colleges hold expertise in effectively conducting the up-skilling and re-skilling programmes in the engineering technology domain.

However, they are not qualified and equipped to conduct teacher training programmes for BEd courses. Engineering institutions that have sister institutes where BE.d programs are offered, would be able to start the teacher training programmes of BE.d in their institute. Recently, IITs also have started offering Humanities courses.

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(Source: Times of India)


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