Why Does An Institution With NBA Accreditation Matter? Know Here

The All-India Council of Technical Education (AICTE) authorized the National Board of Accreditation (NBA), an independent organisation whose mission is to raise the standard for technical education in India, as well as programmes in hospitality, engineering, pharmacy, applied arts and crafts, and management.

This guarantees the credibility and quality of an educational institution. An accredited degree opens doors to higher professional possibilities and employment for students. Additionally, it gives organisations or programmes the ability to apply for autonomous status, grants, and funding from the government to increase operational effectiveness. 

There are numerous certification organisations in India, and each one has its own set of rules and methods for instruction. One of them is the NBA (National Board of Accreditation). 

Let’s learn more about NBA accreditation and its advantages! 

What is NBA Accreditation?

The AICTE established the National Board of Accreditation, also known as the NBA, to assess the quality of institutions’ educational offerings, ranging from diplomas to post-graduate degrees. Since it accredits courses or programmes rather than institutes, it differs somewhat from other accreditation organisations in India.

Engineering and technology programmes, pharmacy programmes, management programmes, architecture programmes, and other technical programs recognized by AICTE are accredited by NBA. 

In 2010, NBA was established  as an independent authority to evaluate the standard, reliability, and applicability of professional education programmes through a thorough accreditation procedure. It includes a number of standards and guidelines that are consistent with worldwide standards and put an emphasis on the results of educational initiatives. 

There is no doubt that being certified is a distinction for universities affiliated with the NBA. It is a badge that gives engineering programmes more credibility and indicates that they have undergone expert examination and approval. Furthermore, it provides students with the assurance that the courses are of the highest calibre. 

Key Objectives of NBA Accreditation 

  • Encourage the use of cutting-edge and comprehensive approaches in technical education programs and other related fields
  • Ensure that students participating in National Board of Accreditation colleges and courses have a solid academic foundation to advance their careers in engineering, IT, and computer science.
  •  Inform higher education institutions of any areas that require development or improvement.
  • The instruction is based on NBA norms, standards, and rules because of regular evaluation.
  • Create a system of education that prioritizes quality and is current with consumer demands.
  • Create an educational environment that supports normal social growth and the country’s economy.

Benefits of NBA Accreditation:

Constant Improvement in Quality 

The NBA accreditation procedure aims to locate and close any gaps between teaching and learning. This boosts the effects of learning programmes while also enhancing general performance. Institutions are continuously encouraged to start quality improvement initiatives, and even faculty members take part in those initiatives.

They received ongoing criticism in order to develop their courses. In terms of program-specific outcomes (PSOs), course outcomes (COs), teaching-learning processes, programme educational objectives (PEOs), assessment methodologies, programme curriculum, etc., by the time HEIs receive their NBA ranking, all the gaps have been closed. 

Enhancement of Academic Performance 

Schools see better student achievement with NBA-recognized programs. The outcome-based education (OBE) strategy is used to chart and evaluate students’ development throughout the course of their academic careers, including their skills, knowledge, and attitudes.

NBA accreditation makes a high-quality curriculum, industry professionals and experiences, and exceptional lab facilities available to universities, providing students with an excellent opportunity to prepare for careers in technical fields. 

Concentrate on Developing Skills 

The NBA places a priority on outcomes and skill development in addition to providing students with top-notch technical programs. The organisation thinks that additional talents provide pupils with a solid basis for their studies. Graduates are helped to achieve their goals in the best way possible by ongoing evaluation and increased possibilities.

Additionally, increasing one’s skill set enhances both the quality and quantity of student enrollment as well as a graduate’s long-term employability. Students who choose the OBE approach typically develop more intelligence and employment readiness. 

Autonomy in College 

For any educational institution, having a Category 1 classification is a big milestone. The AICTE badge gives colleges more legitimacy and opens up more opportunities. The number of Category 1 HEIs may increase when colleges fully comply without any abnormalities. Following NBA accreditation, they are eligible to apply for and receive autonomous status.

Without assistance from a university, they can work independently, add new courses to their curricula, expand the number of international or domestic students they accept, establish research centres, collaborate with international schools, and independently award research grants. 

Easy Institutional Financing 

Institutions go to the top of the list of funding sources once they receive NBA certification. It is beneficial to pupils’ learning processes. To strengthen their financial situation, they can easily apply for and get grants. Additionally, NBA-accredited universities are qualified to request a range of AICTE funding, including MODROBS, R&D, and TAPTEC.

Additionally, they are eligible to receive funding for their research projects from a variety of government agencies, such as the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR), the Department of Non-Conventional Energy Sources (DNES), the Defence Research and Development Organization (DRDO), and the Department of Science and Technology (DST). 

Socio-Economic Development 

The NBA carefully observes, evaluates, and improves every component of a comprehensive educational program. The society may rely on accredited universities to offer high-quality educational programmes. giving credibility and goodwill to their degrees in the process. Each kid advances intellectually while developing their socioeconomic abilities at the national level in a competitive environment that is fostered by this system. The best technical talent is delivered in this way, which benefits society as a whole. 

RCM- An NBA Accredited Institution  

NBA certification is very important, especially for an institution’s reputation. It gives students the freedom to select the best professional opportunity available on a worldwide scale. The majority of universities now get NBA certification for their courses because it adds significant value to their reputation. The Regional College of Management in Bhubaneswar has received accreditation from the National Board of Accreditation of AICTE, since 2003. 

Connect with our experts right away if you need assistance getting NBA accreditation. Call us or send us an email, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.   

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