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The Summer Internship Programme (SIP) forms an important component of the MBA/PGDM Programme.

It is an attempt to bridge the gap in the student’s perception between academics and corporate world. Under this programme, students undertake a 6 week internship at any organisation during the intervening period between close of Trimester III and commencement of Trimester IV.

The programme carries a weightage of 5 credits. The internship, which would be a simulation of real work environment, requires students to undergo the rigor of professional environment, both in form and substance. SIP exposes the students to technical and research skills and helps them to acquire social skills by drawing them into contact with real professionals.

For proper coordination and ensuring organized and smooth conduct of the programme, each student would be under the guidance of a faculty guide of the institution. A representative of the industry/organisation (called as Company guide) also guides the student and assists the faculty in monitoring the student’s progress.


Internship is a vehicle for introducing students to real-life situations, which can not be simulated in the class room. Therefore, internship assignments must necessarily be those of direct interest to the host organisation.

Students are encouraged to take up time bound multi-disciplinary and goal-oriented assignment involving team work. Solutions to various problems confronted in the assignment might be open-ended, involving an element of analytical thinking, processing and decision-making in the face of insufficient data parameters and uncertain situations.

SIP at Place Designated by the Institute

The students have to undertake SIP as per Institutional discretion.

Faculty Guide & Company Guide

Every student will be assigned a Faculty Guide at the beginning of the SIP. The role of the Faculty Guide is to enable the student to undertake a meaningful project, provide the necessary academic guidance and to facilitate evaluation, with the aid of the company executives. The Faculty Guide would be involved at all stages of the SIP, beginning from the ‘definition of the work content’ to the project completion.

Every student works under the counsel of a Company Guide, who supervises and evaluates the performance of the student at every stage of the SIP and gives the feedback to Faculty Guide. It is the responsibility of the students to utilize the knowledge and experience of the Company Guide to complete the SIP.

It is therefore necessary that the students interact with the Faculty Guide and Company Guide regularly to update them about the progress and seeking guidance on SIP. The responsibility of contacting and interacting with the Faculty Guide vests with the students only.

Students undertaking SIP at outstation locations should be in touch with their Faculty Guide through e-mal of submitting the reports for evaluation as per the schedule.

Attendance and Conduct

Students should adhere to the rules and regulations of the organization during SIP. It is particularly important to be regular, punctual and well mannered at work. During the period of SIP, the student shall be subject to the timings and leave rules of the organisation.

100% attendance during SIP is mandatory. However, if for any genuine reason a student is not in a position to report to the organization on any day, he/she should obtain permission for leave of absence from Company Guide, as per the rules and regulations of the organization and from the Faculty Guide. Such leave of absence should not be taken for more than Four days in the entire duration of SIP.

Unprofessional behaviour, misconduct, indiscipline, irregularity at work and unsatisfactory performance will lead to cancellation of SIP leading failure.

The student will indemnify, defend and hold the institution harmless from and against any and all loss, damage, liability and expenses arising out of any third party claim, actions or proceedings by him or by any agents, during the period of internship programme.


Evaluation of Summer Training Project (During 4th Trimester) A summer project will be evaluated based on the following parameters

Understanding the project, its scope and dimensions 10 points
Analysis and its relation to literature 20 points
Interpretation of results and recommendations 20 points
Quality of Reports20 points
Viva Voce20 points
Performance Record during SIP (evaluation by faculty guide) 10 points
Total 100 points

Evaluation will be done by a Committee at the Institution level. The Chairman of the Committee shall submit a copy of the score to the Dean and the Dean shall forward the score to the examination Section within the prescribed date. He/She shall also maintain all records for inspection by the University at least for one year.

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