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Stellar Club – where fun, glamour, and talent meet. A stepping stone for management, industry stalwarts, and computer science graduates. Unleashing potential through creativity.

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Introduction Our stellar Club

Igniting Passion and Talent in RCM Graduates

Stellar Club is a cultural club that unites fun, glamour, and talent. It serves as a creative platform and a stepping stone for management, industry, and computer science graduates in RCM College.

Our Vision

Stellar Club aims to bring together talented individuals from diverse backgrounds to create magic and unleash their full potential.

Our Mission

Stellar Club empowers RCM graduates, industry stalwarts, and computer science graduates through art and collaboration.

Our History

Stellar Club was founded by RCM to provide a platform for creativity and personal growth for college graduates.

A Stellar Journey for RCM Graduates

Stellar Club holds a special place for RCM graduates, who embody a remarkable blend of management acumen and artistic inclinations. The club provides a sanctuary where these talented individuals can continue to develop their skills and indulge in their passion for the arts. By joining Stellar Club, RCM graduates unlock new horizons of creativity and personal growth, enhancing their overall college experience.

events by the club

Advancing knowledge and innovation for a better world

Stellar Club welcomes industry veterans to share wisdom and mentor young talents, fostering a stimulating environment through interactive sessions, panel discussions, and guest lectures at RCM College.

Technological Marvel for Graduates

Stellar Club at RCM College merges technology and art, empowering computer science grads to innovate through multimedia and digital art.

Where Strategy Meets Expression

Stellar Club flaunts synchronized flash mobs, uniting RCM grads, industry stalwarts, and computer science students in creative teamwork.

Chakde a Painting

Stellar Club's initiative "Chakde a Painting" merges business acumen with artistic expression, cultivating creative problem-solving and storytelling skills.

Rangoli and Poster Contest

Stellar Club merges tradition and modernity in the Rangoli and Poster Contest, showcasing versatile talent through intricate patterns and captivating designs.

Stellar Talent Hunt

Stellar Talent Hunt catapults aspiring singers, dancers, musicians, and actors towards success, with support from Stellar Club members.

Shaping Artists(Grooming)

Stellar Club teams up with renowned theatre groups, refining skills and nurturing members into distinguished artists with confidence and finesse.

Why choose us

Stellar Club: Where Art, Industry, and Technology Converge

Stellar Club is not just a cultural club. It represents a realm where RCM graduates, industry stalwarts, and computer science graduates converge to create magic, break boundaries, and unleash their full potential. By nurturing innate talents, offering opportunities for collaboration, and empowering its members, Stellar Club serves as a beacon of creativity and inspiration within RCM College.

Enhanced Skill Development

Enhance skills in art, tech, and industry through collaboration with diverse talents in Stellar Club.

Networking and Growth Opportunities

Stellar Club membership fosters growth through diverse connections and experiences.

The Stellar Club at RCM College fosters cosmic wonder, supports research, and stays updated on astronomy advancements.

Our Lectures

Good Education Starts From Great Lectures

The Stellar Club at RCM College fosters cosmic wonder, supports research, and stays updated on astronomy advancements.


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