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About the Company: 

For the past 20 years, HR Future magazine has been the trusted source of advice, insights and tips for Executives, HR Professionals and Line Managers both locally and abroad, helping them prepare for the Future of Work.In addition, 25 local universities and 91 universities in 46 countries around the world (including some of the most prestigious research universities) also use HR Future’s content to guide and inform their thinking. 

The Purpose Of HR FUTURE

HR Future magazine gives you strategic insights no-one else has 

If you’re an Executive, HR Professional or Line Manager responsible for managing people and implementing people strategies in your organisation, you need a trusted adviser with your best interests at heart – an adviser that provides you with key insights that will help you make astute strategic and operational decisions that put you and your company or team ahead of the game. 

The Values Of HR FUTURE

In every monthly issue of our digital magazine, our thought leader contributors from South Africa and around the world provide our subscribers with that one thing they need in order to be considered an expert – knowledge others don’t have.And to support our subscribers between each monthly issue, HR Future’s weekly email newsletters provide quick updates, opinions, tips and advice to leaders and managers to help them create value through their people. 

The Process of Hiring HR FUTURE


HR FUTURE has a structured hiring process that is designed to identify the best talent for the company. The process typically includes the following steps:  

  • Application: The first step in the process is to submit an online application on the HR FUTURE careers website. Candidates can search for job openings based on their skills and experience and apply for the roles that match their qualifications.  
  • Assessment: Candidates who meet the initial requirements are then invited to take an online assessment test, which evaluates their aptitude, technical skills, and other relevant competencies.  
  • Technical and HR interviews: Candidates who perform well on the assessment test are invited for technical and HR interviews. The technical interview assesses the candidate’s technical skills and knowledge, while the HR interview focuses on their personality, communication skills, and fit with the company culture.  
  • Offer: Candidates who successfully complete the interview process and meet the company’s requirements are offered a job at HR FUTURE. The offer typically includes details about the role, salary, benefits, and other terms and conditions of employment. 

    Overall, HR FUTURE is a reputable company that provides a range of job opportunities and invests in the training and development of its employees. The company has a well-established recruitment process and actively seeks to promote diversity and inclusivity in the workplace.  


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