NEP To Help Eliminate The Slavery Mentality: PM Modi

On Wednesday, PM Narendra Modi said the advancement of 5G communication service would help the nation’s educational system go beyond “smart facilities, smart classrooms, and smart teaching.”

Additionally, he said that the New Education Policy (NEP) will free the nation from its “slave mindset” toward the English language. The statement was made during the Gandhinagar district’s Adalaj launch of the Gujarat government’s Mission Schools of Excellence initiative. Even if English is only a language for communication, he made the point that knowing it is seen as a sign of intellectualism.

The mission will assist in strengthening Gujarat’s educational infrastructure by constructing new classrooms, smart classrooms, and computer laboratories, and generally upgrading the infrastructure of schools in the state.

“The recently launched 5G service will go beyond smart facilities, smart classrooms, and smart teaching. It will take our education system to the next level,” Modi said.

In order to ensure that individuals who find English difficult to understand are not left behind, the prime minister actively promoted the use of regional languages.

“Earlier, knowledge of the English language was considered criteria for being intellectual. In reality, the English language is just a medium of communication. This language barrier was a hindrance. Many young talents from villages could not become doctors and engineers because they were not well-versed in English, “he said. The PM said youngsters now have the option to pursue studies in other languages.

“We aim to ensure that children of poor parents become doctors and engineers even if they are not educated in English (medium). We want to ensure that no one is left behind due to the lack of the English language, “Modi said, adding the “New Education Policy of the Centre will pull the country out of this slave mentality surrounding the English language”.

The prime minister said that Gujarat has experienced a drastic change in the educational scenario during the last two decades.

The prime minister said that under the Mission Schools of Excellence, the state government will build 50,000 new classrooms and convert nearly 1 lakh existing classrooms of government-run schools into smart classrooms using 5G technology. “Using this technology, a teacher can impart real-time education to several schools in villages through online mode. Now, the best education and content will reach everyone. Students from remote villages will benefit the most because of these initiatives.” The PM said.

(Source: The Times of India)

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