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Drone Technology – The Next Big Thing in India!

Starting drone-related courses in Industrial Training Institutes will give an impetus to the drone industry because there are innumerable openings in the drone industry. Starting from making drones to software development, systems engineering, tech maintenance, drone pilots; the drone industry has several opportunities. In fact, the number of growing drone start-ups testify to the fact that the next big thing in India is drone technology.

Drones can be used in multiple sectors like media and entertainment, defense, e-commerce, agriculture, construction. Hence the decision taken by the government on the expansion of emerging technologies and drone-related courses to train more professionals has come at the right time!

As per reports, experts believe that this could be an opportunity for students from non-engineering backgrounds to take up courses related to drones. The union budget has also given quite an impetus to the drone industry and the center would now reach out to different states in order to identify the right it is for starting drone-related courses! This move of the government will not only encourage students to take up a career in the drone industry.

Reportedly drone light shows have tremendous scope in India. The drone lights can travel even underwater and specifically underwater drones have been developed by a Kochi-based start-up to observe dams, bridges and also to monitor oil spillage in oceans and deep-sea pipelines. This case itself tells us about the enormous opportunity that drone technology has!

As per the existing law, a remote pilot certificate issued by the Director-General Of Civil Aviation is required to fly drones that weigh above 250gms. This course is available at many institutes in India and different aspects such as aerodynamic theories, climate, radiotelephony, drone laws, etc. are taught in this course.

As per the propositions done in Union Budget 2022, startups will be promoted to enable ‘Drone Shakti’ through varied applications and for ‘Drone-As-A-Service’. In addition, the government has also permission using of drones in the agriculture sector, in a way that drones would be used to spray insecticides and nutrients. The government has also allocated Rs 1,04,278 crore for education which is a rise of Rs 11,054 crore as compared to last year. So, this will act as a great boost to the drone industry and encourage students who want to go ahead for startups to venture into this industry.


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