Design Your Destiny 

Dr. E.V. Swaminath from The Spiritual organization, “PrajapIta Brahmakumari” was the keynote speaker at the seminar “Design Your Destiny” conducted at RCM on 2nd April 2019. A skilled and engaging orator, Mr Swaminathan, kept the student alert and entertained with intelligent and witty discourse on how to take responsibility of Designing one’s own destiny. Spoke on defining one’s mission and vision, minding one’s mind, and taking time to locate and understand problem before finding a solution. He also advised on the art of knowing oneself and to maintain equilibrium even in the eye of a storm. The lecture was widely appreciated and benefited both students and faculty.  

Post Budget Analysis Session

This was organized by 29th January 2019 where the Chief Speaker was former Minister and economist, Dr Panchanan Kanungo. He gave an elaborate analysis of the current budget 2018 – 19 to the students and faculty members. His entire emphasis on budget analysis was centered around the possible impact on various micro and macroeconomics parameters which was rightly debated among students and staff. It was entirely an interactive session and inferences were drawn more meaningfully. 


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