Advantage of Studying at The Best BCA College Affiliated With Utkal University

In today’s world education is an extremely vital component; it is the framework to train an individual, and, in that view, education is considered the most crucial missile to change the world. Utkal University Affiliated Colleges are always the first priority of parents as well as students as a learning platform.

But what is important is the quality of the education that is provided as it bears an impact on the person’s prospects towards life and thus it is the key responsibility of an organization or educational institution to ensure that quality education is provided to students. To ensure proper education, the Govt ensures certain principles, and practices are maintained according to the theory of laws.   

What Exactly Does an Accredited Education Entail?

As a citizen of a democratic country like India, it is everyone’s responsibility to understand the law and the country’s educational system in accordance with government policies and legal authorization.  

Admission to a legally accomplished organization is a right to education and toward the moral aspects of a democratic society.  To ensure this system, Govt of India has given the affiliation and accreditation validities to educational institutions that function autonomously. 

Odisha Education Institutes With Utkal University


This could be also an answer to readers and those who research top institutions in a state like Odisha for educational purposes and also for an affiliated institution, and to acknowledge this query Odisha Govt has given the legal authorization to the Utkal university of Bhubaneswar as a head affiliated body to provide and grant affiliations to colleges and institution under the Utkal University to run and expand their teaching-learning process independently.  

The Regional College of Management, Bhubaneswar: An Utkal Affiliated College

There are numerous government and private educational institutes in Odisha for students seeking advanced BCA colleges with Utkal University affiliation, as specified above, and one of the best-affiliated education institutions among them is the Regional College Management, Bhubaneswar (RCM).  

RCM provides one of the brightest UG specialization in BCA, an advanced program of 3 years of a degree course for those who dream to climb up the world of programming. RCM ensures 100% Placements PAN-India and globally.  

The Utkal University-affiliated undergraduate course in Computer Applications is one of the best in the state.   

A BCA program in RCM, from its initiation, always achieved   

  • 360-degree learning 
  • HI-TECH Powered Learning
  • A combination of General and Advanced Computer Applications 
  • Ensures extra productivity for skill development like club activities, events

RCM’s BCA course will equip you with the skills and techniques to develop an executive-level strategy. It will also prepare for the student for producing innovative ideas. Discover customer jobs to be done in a simple and automated way.   

A UGC affiliated College: 

Utkal University is recognized by the UGC. It is a member of the “Indian Association of Universities and the Commonwealth Association” of universities. It has been reaccredited by NAAC (National Assessment and Accreditation Council) with A+ Grade in December 2017 for a period of five years. However, there are more than 300 common affiliated colleges under the University. The University has 15 Autonomous Colleges under its authority.

Educational Institutions like the Regional College of Management, B.J.B Autonomous College, Biju Patnaik College of Information Technology and Management Studies, and Xavier College of Hotel Management – All these institutions come under the affiliation of Utkal University.  

An Accredited Institution by AICTE:

RCM, an All-India Council of Technical Education (AICTE) accredited business school demonstrates how to flourish and grow while also teaching you how to leave your mark on the world. RCM is a well-known organization with a 40-year history.  

Why is RCM known as Best BCA College in Bhubaneswar?

  • Going for a BCA course at RCM will offer you an overwhelming amount of options that would come your way.  After you graduate, it will equip you with a job in your particular interest area that others would wish they had the opportunity for.
  •    Having completed the degree from a top college like RCM, you can receive a job either from the college’s highly acclaimed placements or by applying off-campus.  
  • Having completed the degree from a top college like RCM, you can receive a job either from the college’s highly acclaimed placements or by applying off-campus.  
  • With a BCA degree in hand, you have the opportunity of placing yourself in a good position in terms of securing a sure career that will get you set for life. 
  • Our students begin working on such real-world challenges from their first year, with guidance from faculty members who are renowned in their fields. 
  • Experiential learning, class discussions, and the right training are hallmarks of our undergraduate BCA program. One hundred percent of our undergraduate students get placed in reputed organizations.  
  • We equip students with technical skills critical to decision-making and leadership and communications skills to direct efforts to make everyday business decisions.  Through class projects, internships, and their fourth-year capstone projects, our students gain real-world, team-based experience applying these skills in real-world scenarios.   
  • Our capstone projects benefit our students with collaborative networking with alumni and corporations, providing students with valuable exposure to potential employers. Thus, it becomes enormously valuable for an individual to enroll in an approved educational institute so that he/she can get access to quality education.   
  • Students at RCM never stop shining because RCM has Glaring experts to mentor the beaming leaders! 
  • Be at RCM because at RCM, ‘Excellence is not an accomplishment, it’s an enthusiasm’.  

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