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We Provide The Best Way To
Success Your Migration

We Provide The Best Way To Success Your Migration

At RCM, our MA-TA program will train you and avail all the necessary skills to become a successful student of Tourism. Listed below are the career opportunities after receiving a degree in MA-TA


Take your career in tourism to the next level:
explore the unique features of the Master Degree in Tourism program.

  1. SEO & SEM
  2. Digital Design and Communication and its role in Content Marketing.
  3. Data Analytics in Digital Marketing.
  4. Digital Marketing Laws involved in Social Media Marketing and Strategizing content according to current trend.
  1. Introduction to tour Guiding and Tour Escorting.
  2. Understanding the Dynamics of Tour Guiding.
  3. Handling Difficult Tourists.
  4. Tour Leadership.
  5. Group Control and Setting Limits
  1. Concept of Foreign Exchange
  2. Determination of Exchange Rates
  3. Foreign Exchange Exposure Management
  4. Foreign Direct Investment
  5. Forex Trading
  1. Overview of the airline industry
  2. Standard envelopes for traffic documents
  3. Facilitation and security and contingency planning
  4. Baggage  handling  
  5. Cargo  trends  and  forecasts
  1. Introduction to Health Tourism
  2. Origin of Yoga, History and Development of Yoga ,International Day of Yoga (21st June)
  3. Medical tourism
  4. Medical tourism product and package
  5. Legal Aspects of Medical Tourism
  1. Understand event
  2. Event Management & Planning
  3. Event  Marketing
  4. Event Risk management
  5. Event Laws & permissions
  1. Aircraft Familiarization
  2. In-flight procedures of passenger handling
  3. First Aid
  4. In-flight Leadership and coordination
  5. Case studies on different airlines
  1. Introduction to consumer behavior, overview of the system
  2. Examination of tourist types & their characteristics: activities. Opinions of these segments of tourism market.
  3. Factors influencing consumer behavior in tourism: Internal & External factors
  4. Typologies of tourist behavior
  5. Consumer Behavior and Marketing
  1. Introduction, Flight availability, Selling Air Segments, Passenger Name records
  2. Supplementary Data, Modifying a PNR, Fare Displays
  3. Itinerary Pricing, Issuing Tickets, Advance Seat Assignments
  4. Queues, Customer Profiles, Reference Information
  5. Hotel Reservation, Car Rentals, Miscellaneous Entries
  1. Managing Adventure Tours
  2. Planning   Adventure   tourism   Activities
  3. Group management
  4. Food Plan
  5. Legal Liability and Risk Management
  1. Introduction: Introduction to entrepreneurship
  2. Organisation and Business
  3. Start-up opportunities
  4. Startup Capital Requirements and Legal Environment
  5. Start-up Survival and growth
  1. Conceptual foundations of events
  2. Introduction to MICE
  3. Events venues
  4. Trade shows and exhibitions/expositions
  5. Incentive   tours
  1. Alphabets, Concept of Number and Gender, Days, Months, Time, Nationality and Profession.
  2. Possessive and Demonstrative adjectives. Regular and Irregular Verbs
  3. Pronominal Verbs, Imperative Sentences and Partitive Articles
  4. Past Tense and Past Imperfect
  5. Comparative and Superlative degree, Pronouns, Conversational French using different expressions in different situations.

  1. Origin and growth of catering
  2. Departmental Organization
  3. Different types of menu planning and service-continental
  4. Types of beverages and it’s service-nonalcoholic beverages
  5. Food service equipment and its use



RCM welcomes aspiring students who are willing to uplift their career in the field of Tourism and Hospitality, we render a distinctive program which is intended to develop such individuals to manage and monitor the diverse forms of the tourism industry.

Admissions to MA in Tourism Administration program for the academic year 2023 are open. Candidates will be shortlisted after a comprehensive profile evaluation on the basis of their academic credentials that include, entrance scores and career aggregate percentage, their extracurricular achievements, interest for the program etc.


Tourism Manager


Destination Marketing Specialist


Event Planner


Hotel / Resort Manager


Hospitality Consultant


Airline cabin Manager


Travel Consultant


Tourism Researcher or Analyst


Sustainable Tourism Specialist


Tourism Entrepreneur


Travel Writer or Blogger


Travel and Tourism Academician


Wedding Organizer and Planner


Cultural Heritage Manager

Aspiring MA-TA students Should Consider the Following Information Before Applying-

Number of Seats:

RCM’s MA-TA department is backed by highly skilled and experienced faculties, with the adequate infrastructure. RCM believes in imparting world class knowledge and RCM accommodates 64 students (First Year) for the academic year 2023- 2025.


For Master’s Program, bachelor’s degree or its equivalent. Graduation in any discipline from a recognized university. Admission to the MA-TA program is strictly based on merit of the candidates as judged by their academic records and performance in the interview.

Fees Structure

180 Seats

Course Fee For MBA: Rs. 3,10,000/-
Application Fee Rs. 500/-
During Booking Rs. 24, 500/-
During Admission Rs. 70, 000/-
1st Installment Rs. 60, 000/-
2nd Installemnt Rs. 60, 000/-
3rd Installment Rs. 50,000/-
4th Installemnt Rs. 45,000/-

Hostel Accommodation

Hostel Fees
Per Year AC Room Standard Room
2 Beded Rs. 40, 000/- Rs. 35, 000/-
3 Beded Rs. 38, 000/- Rs. 30, 000/-
4 Beded Rs. 30, 000/- Rs. 25, 000/-


Per Month Rs. 3, 000/-