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Stereotypes in the Indian Education system

“Education is not the learning of facts but the training of the mind to think.”

This was so aptly told by Sir Albert Einstein which clearly defines the importance of education and simultaneously points the way to properly educate the mass. It is not about reaching a goal sometimes. It’s about how you reach it. Sometimes certain things overdone or undone can create mass ruckus in the output created. Man is a product of his own thoughts and he becomes what he thinks. The thoughts have to be nurtured in such a way, from the very beginning, so that the future mass is away from the confusion of self and society. The solution cannot be provided at one go, problems being many!

What is undone in the Indian education system till date is the lack of skilled mentors and guides who fail to deliver the actual knowledge which should be imparted from a very early age. Effective education is not about completing the syllabus in class but rather equipping the mass with abilities to learn, improvise and implement. A good educator pays attention not only to the educational achievements, acquisition of literacy, numeracy, and scientific knowledge but also, social cognition and feelings. Rather than enforcing a sense of responsibility, responsibility is forced, or rather it’s overloaded with an expectation to bring out the best. In an attempt to create someone unique and exceptional, we land up making blunders where we kill the young nurturing minds and engage them in a virtual cage, which has been the nest of each and every student at least once in a lifetime.

We are missing the concept of practicality. A lot of focus is paid on the certificates where numbers play a major role than abilities. Enhancing abilities should be the prime focus, not enforcing the zest to compete in the rat race to be the best. Students do not have the liberty to write a paper on the topic of their choice, which results in a lack of curiosity and interest and gets them involved in education. Students are not taught to think independently and how to articulate opinions in speech and writing because they are highly bound and restricted to books and syllabus.  They are never taught to be patient and hold themselves during tough situations. Students are encouraged and expected to excel in things they have no interest in pursuing. Generally punished for not meeting up to the society’s marking scale, students become afraid of facing the reality of actually what they are and in the process are lost and behave as if they are programmed. Spirits are sacrificed at the altar of education.

This piece shall end with a quote from Mark Twain.

“Education doesn’t mean teaching people to know what they do not know: it means teaching them how to behave as they do not behave.”

A person need not be abundant with information to be educated, but having information doesn’t equip a person to live righteously. Education is a nine-letter word that can change the face of a nation because educated people are easy to lead but hard to enslave.


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