Freshers’ Party

PGDM Freshers’ Hawaiian Party 

The Freshers’ Night for PGDM students of 2019-21 had a unique theme this year. Higher students had chosen the “Hawaiian Theme” to welcome new students. The entire stage decoration and the dress code created an ambiance of the famous Hawaiian Islands. Students were dressed in colorful flowery shirts and gowns with garlands of flowers on their heads and around their necks.

The stage was set on fire with colorful lighting, singing, dancing to DJ music, mimicry, ramp walk and so much more. First-year students Suman Subudhi and Archana Behera were crowned Mr. Fresher and Miss Fresher, respectively.

The program was organized on 29th Sept 2019 at RCM open auditorium. Mr. Saroj Dash, National Co-ordinator of Social Organization, Kanyaa Anmol Hai (KAH) was the Chief Guest. KAH works in several areas to uplift underprivileged girls and women Mr Dash encouraged the students to actively participate with them and motivate others to save, protect, and respect women.

Chairman Dr. Prabir Pal, Dean Academics, Dr. Sanghmitra Pal, and Director, Dr. Pritam Pal were the Guests of Honour.

Dr Prabir Pal advised students to hone their talent and skills and overcome weaknesses to become confident individuals, ready to face challenges that life will throw at them at every step. Dr. Sanghmitra Pal encouraged students to perform as brilliantly in their studies as they had performed that evening and wished them luck for a bright and prosperous future.

The evening ended with a sumptuous dinner complimenting the Hawaiian theme. The program was a huge success.

MBA Freshers Party- Jungle Paradise 

“JUNGLE PARADISE” was the theme of the Freshers’ Meet for the MBA 2018-20 batch held on 21st Sept 2019 at RCM auditorium.

The inaugural function was graced by the Chief Guest Dr. Priti Ranjan Majhi, Principal, Dr. Sanghmitra Pal, Dean Academics, & Prof. Biswajit Rout, HOD, MFC Dept., as the Guests of Honour. The program was hosted by the 2nd year students who welcomed the guests and the freshers with Ganesh Vandana.  

In line with the theme, the 2nd year students recreated a jungle scene, with paintings, posters, and other decorations. The idea was that the professional world outside was a jungle not of cut-throat competition but of co-existence, where every individual has a role to play. Given the right managerial training and skills, they can co-exist peacefully to create a prosperous business environment.  

Dr. Majhi welcomed the new batch saying that “enrolling into an MBA program means mastering all spheres of work and involving multidimensional growth. Dr. Sanghamitra Gautam said that students can maximize benefits only when they are eager to participate and believe in this institution’s passion for innovative education.  

Prof. Biswajit Rout gave the students an insight into the importance of Financial Management and the effort made by RCM to make finance teaching easy for students of non-finance backgrounds. 

The post-lunch session started at 5:30 wherein 1st year and 2nd year students got an opportunity to know each other and participated in different cultural events like singing, dancing, drama, etc. The atmosphere was of camaraderie, fun, and frolic which is part and parcel of the RCM learning experience. Chairman Dr. Prabir Pal joined the cultural event and advised the senior students to extend a helping hand and mentor the new students. 

BBA Freshers Party- Masquerade Fiesta

‘Masquerade Fiesta’ was organized by senior students of BBA to welcome the new students of the 2019-21 batch on 26th-27th Sept 2019. At the inaugural session Dr Prabir Pal, Chairman told students that RCM is known as a hub of exposure and immense opportunities. Students need to grab the available opportunities to reap the benefits of building a successful future.

Dr. Priti Ranjan Majhi, the Principal, said that sound knowledge of fundamentals is very important as the roots must be strengthened for the tree to bear sweet fruits. The aim should be to convert challenges into opportunities,

“A BBA program is the first stepping stone towards endless opportunities. This institute grooms students to be job-ready for a competitive market,” observed Dr. Sanghmitra Pal, Dean of Academics, and wished the students luck for a prosperous future.

Welcoming the students, Prof. Nitu Dash, HOD, BBA assured all help and advised them to feel free to discuss and seek her guidance on any matter. She asked them to be participative, enthusiastic, and optimistic both towards studies and extra-curricular activities.

The new students participated in interesting games and had interactive sessions with the higher students. A slide show was prepared for them to be acquainted with their campus, faculty, and higher students.

The cultural event was organized on the evening of 27th Sept at RCM open auditorium. Of special interest was that as per their theme “Masquerade Fiesta,” students were dressed in fine clothes with their faces half-covered with masks.

This was followed by students performing a classical dance, solo & group Bollywood and modern dances, singing, drama, fashion parade, mimicry, etc. The program concluded with dinner for students and faculty.


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