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A PGDM course with 6 Global certifications where you get to choose any two international certifications of your preference. This is the biggest strategic advantage of our course that makes it one of a kind. Industry-relevant curriculum fits every students’ career interests-taught in an environment known for collegial and professional relationships between faculties and students.  

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The Plus Factor in PGDM

RCM Global B School is the PGDM extension of RCM. The advanced curriculum of PGDM Course helps you develop discerning judgment and gives you the ability to act decisively. The insightful research that is done by faculties impacts in you a more effective and process-driven manner. 

Certified Network Security & Cyber Defence Management Specialist

Certification courses provide students with the fundamentals of hardware, software, and network management. All the while building competencies in privacy, surveillance, and data protection.  

Digital Media

This course will take you to the forefront of technically driven creation, and interactive interfaces and immersive digital experience.

Certified Data Science and Artificial Intelligence Specialist

Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence has essentially taken over the world, and rightfully so. AI is transforming the way we live, work, and play with its evolving technology. The course’s extensively designed curriculum will render it possible for the student to achieve breakthroughs towards understanding fundamentals. With this, you can be prepared to take on real-world problems and ensure a secure career for the future.  

By the end of the course, the student will emerge with a vast experience in the field of machine learning. In addition to that, expertise in Artificial Intelligence that would allow them design complex designs all on their own. 

Certified Blockchain and Digital Currencies Specialist

A ground-breaking digital technology, Blockchain addresses the inadequacies in the traditionalist fiat transactions. It does so in the most transparent manner with security as its priority that ensures leaving no stone unturned. It is inevitably advantageous for the stakeholders under the fold of its robust peer to peer network structure. 

Having sufficient knowledge in Blockchain can open a window of vast possibilities in various high paying careers. With the Certificate Course, we will provide the students with the first step in understanding of the technologies. 

Best MBA College in Bhubaneswar

Why choose RCM?

  • State-of-the-Art Campus
  • World-Renowned Faculties
  • Case-Based Education Teaching
  • Industry-Led Curriculum
  • UGC Certified Library
  • Industry Trips
  • Dedicated Career Placement Weeks
  • Pre-Placement Internships
  • 15,000+ Alumni Network
  • Student Clubs
  • 100% Placement
  • Locational Advantage


Hurry Up! Few Seats Left

There are still places available for our November 2020 intake. By enrolling now, you will be able to reserve a place for your preferred intake.

Our Campus

It’s hard to sum up a day at RCM. To start, imagine waking up in a place that is conveniently located at the heart of the city and offers a 135,000 square- area of beautiful lush campus that is home to an unusually rich variety of people coming from different backgrounds and culture. 

 You go to classes small enough for professors to know your name, within a university large enough to offer world-class resources and opportunities. With access to over 10+ student clubs and organizations, you find your niche – and your people. And that’s just the beginning. 

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Uncover Career Opportunities in the Post-Pandemic Era.

Navigate Changes.

Whether you’re a liberal arts graduate, commerce graduate, B-tech, or a working professional, our Career Services partners with you every step of the way on your career development journey, including exploration, personal branding, interview preparation, and providing employer and industry insights.  


Our dedicated staff works with you, helping you to uncover unique opportunities and present yourself effectively, ensuring that your first step after McIntire serves as a solid foundation for a career that allows you to reach your full potential. 

assume they have the right skills to sit for the jobs

struggle to find the right candidate for job crital to their competitiveness

Advance Curriculum with Global Certifications

We believe education starts long before you set foot in a classroom and continues your entire life. Therefore, our rigorous curriculum and global certification courses are tailored to give you the 

  • Analytical rigour 
  • Business understanding 
  • Soft Skills, and 
  • Holistic mindset to succeed. 

Training Support Through One-on-One Mentoring

Our students get to explore global resources with the mentorship of a personalized program that focusses on an individual’s strengths and weaknesses. With the guidance of world-class faculties, every student gets one-on-one attention and meaningful opportunities for development, including  

  • Career advising 
  • Internship tips and initiatives  
  • Foundational professional Skills
  • Job-specific technical training 

Career Development Week

It’s a whole week of dedicated events and workshops designed to help students with their resume and personal development.