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Flux Passage From Campus To The Real World f Corporate 

In order to make space for new we need to relinquish the old that would open up space to embrace the future with hope and optimization. The flux passage from the world of assignment to semesters to a contrary world of corporate loaded with work and time management is a crucial transition embracing the change. 

As rightfully stated by William Bridges- “It is a life when we are in transition that we are most completely alive”.  

The transition in every aspect of life remarks a meaningful life that is worth indeed for the development of a society. 

The transition between the two contrary worlds campus and corporate life, demands understanding, planning and innovation to cast the molding of an alumnus into the casting kit of the recruiters. The molding procedure beholds the enhancement of the capabilities and capacities of an alumnus to shine through the world of corporates. For a smooth transition it is essential to make the righteous strategies for the transformation of an individual as a fresher to the working world full of experiences and challenges awaited. 

Supply in demand several B-schools are engaged with the molding procedure among which, The Regional School of Management, Bhubaneswar stands distinctively providing the righteous bullet guards to ease the process of transition. As the school believes in sharpening the young minds as per the required strategy by the recruiting process to recruit right talent in an organization. The school beside providing an enormous cling to its seekers offers a helping hand to understand the transition from campus to the corporate world. As it believes in sharpening the young minds to recruit right talent in an organization. Some core concern of RCM that acts in accordance with the demands are: 

  • It Determines the hiring strategies of the Corporate Sectors. 
  • It lends a helping hand to students to create a right impression. 
  • It provides necessary guidance to Work on soft skills of the alumnus. 
  • It helps in embracing Discomforts. 
  • Managing the work tension of meeting to the expectations. 
  • It gets students to survive and to be prepared for the worst. 
  • It helps in developing work ethics. 
  • It Entices students with campus. 
  • It helps alumnus to choose righteous campus as a fresher. 
  • It teaches alumnus handling balance between work and personal life 
  • It guides students regarding management of time in proportion to work. 
  • It believes to work on emerging Edge skills of alumnus such as -self management, communication, collaboration. 
  • It is concerned and is aware of the Corporate expectation from campus- Placement cell, placement data, networking, training. 

We here by conclude that to meet the peer pressure of alumnus and to make them corporate ready the institution plays a vital role as it works as a mold tray to shape the future aspirants to make them the best out of many in this competitive world. And RCM, provides the perfect mold of wax to get into the molding tray of today’s corporate world. As a wise decision in the righteous time is what that makes a difference. 


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  1. Satya

    The ideas are very relevant to my campus drive, and they will assist new students in using these processes in their new campus drive and gaining effective corporate knowledge.

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