alumni homecomings

Getting back to the roots

Find out glimpses of RCM from their experiences...

So many stories, dramas and fun memories captured right under this roof …

Sharing the Best memories

Once where it all started

So many stories, dramas and fun memories captured right under this roof …


An Opulent Welcome Greeted Them Upon Their Return. 

Their homecoming was marked by a lavish welcome that included the 1993-95 batch’s theme song as well as a gala of performances by institute students. The Panel members presented a very insightful panel discussion on the “Future of Startups in India,” while also witnessing a wonderful talk by Mr. Umar Ali Shaikh on “Key Factors to Consider While Shaping Up Their Professional Career.” When Chairman Dr. Prabir Pal took everyone on a brief tour of RCM in his address, the entire audience was draped in nostalgia.  Following that, the entire institute delivered a full package of entertainment, interaction, and optimism as an expression of thanks for their arrival, while also adding a touch of mystery by surprising them with the best Odisha delicacies. 

Toured The Entire Campus!

During the college's campus tour, they visited their old classrooms as well as all the corners of the college. They celebrated their college days while sharing old-school memories and also sharing some immensely magical and fun moments with their super juniors, leaving a deeper footprint this time as they exited the RCM gates.