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Find Your Inner Peace Through Spiritual Service

We believe that our world has never been so connected and the Gospel will be readily accessible for everyone as we appear online. We invite people to come under the umbrella of one God, Jesus Christ; and connect with Him through their souls. Be the disciple of Jesus Christ and join us any time you want.

Dr. Prabir Pal

Chairman, RCM

Dr. Pritam Pal

Director, RCM

From the Light Bearers

We at RCM, Bhubaneswar, foster top-notch research and innovative and effective teaching, with significant contributions to the discovery of new knowledge across a range of fields, in order to promote excellence in scholarship. In their pursuit of highly qualified staff and value development, institutional and entrepreneurial leaders are educated, supported, and nurtured.

Our Vision

To create and dispense Knowledge, to produce globally competitive and ambitious leaders.

Our Mission

To be a paragon of higher learning for developing future ideal leaders and entrepreneurs. Our Goal is to build students who anticipate, analyse, and manage contemporary as well as emerging business.