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Marketing Club

Student Club

The wide variety of student clubs reflects the diversity of the RCM community. The clubs give students the chance to apply what they have learnt in the classroom in practical scenarios and gain invaluable leadership as well as life skills.

In addition to connecting students with others who have similar interests, professional clubs are a platform for students to interact with alumni and professionals in their fields of interest. This helps students build formal and informal networks while exploring various career opportunities.

Marketing Club (Smarketers)

Marketing Club (SMARKETERS) of RCM was inaugurated on 9 Oct 2012, with a vision to fill the gap between the members and the industry, through an enhancement of knowledge and skills by leveraging the internal and external resources.

  • The Marketing Club at RCM brings together some of the most enthusiastic and bright minds in the country. Coming from all walks of life, members share a keen passion for marketing, innovative thinking and, above all, the zeal to learn by doing.
  • We firmly believe that a sound business education is an ideal mix of a world class curriculum and practical learning opportunities. As such, the club strives to create opportunities for members to learn by doing.

Marketing is the umbilical connection between customer needs and creative solutions. Marketing Club seeks to provide information and experiences that increase awareness about the marketing function and inform students about the varied and exciting career opportunities available in this field.

  • A variety of events such as ad contests, brand equity quizzes and brand crosswords, use of marketing jargons, live projects etc., promotes a student’s interest in the field of marketing.
  • The Club also organizes workshops on strategic selling, market forecasting, market research and advertising, conducted by top industry professionals in order to give students an insight into the exciting and dynamic world of marketing.

Last marketing club activity was held on 9th October 2012. The activities involved are:

Ad-war competition- In which two groups have taken participation and made a new product advertisement.

Debate competition- In which two groups has to do debate on the topic FDI in Retail.

Marketing Club constitutes of following members:

Faculty Convener Dr. Mukesh Mishra
President Saurav Jaiswal(PGDM 2nd Year)
Vice President(Event) Suman Bhattaharya (PGDM 1st Year)
Vice President( treasury) Ramesh Chandra Majhi (MBA 2nd Year)
Secretory Suman Srivastava (PGDM 2nd Year)
Asst, Secretory Vishnu PGDM 1st Year

Human Resource Club

HR Club of RCM inaugurated on 16 Oct 2012, with a vision to provide industry exposure to HR students.

HR Club conducted Event Like Quiz, GD , industry Visit, recently club members went Jamshedpur,to attend ISTD conference.

HR Club constitutes of following members:

Faculty Convener Prof. Amresh Nayak
President Abhilash Boon Patra
Vice President Neha Singh
Secretory Jigisha Das
Event Co-ordinator Partahsarthi Samal, Swati Dash, Supriya Swain
Corporate Sangita Mohanty, Varsha Lenka