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RCM Library (Gyan Sagar)

RCM College, Bhubaneswar, India
'Gyan Sagar' Library:
Library collection is in accordance with the needs and demands of the users. In keeping with the vision and mission of the institute, the library has been established “to facilitate knowledge generation and its application through effective dissemination”. The library acts as the main learning resource centre of the institute and provides services and facilities to meet the requirements of the institute’s teaching, training, research and consultancy programmes.
The institute through its digital library “Gyan Sagar” provides assistance to faculty members in integrating technology into their teaching, including consultancy, MDP, Training and course design. It is well stocked with a wide range of books, journals, newspapers, statistical year books, projects and periodicals. The library has acquired a collection of over 40,000 books/reports. There are over 10000 titles encompassing rich references in accounting, marketing, international business, information technology, communications, strategic marketing, operation research and advertising etc over 2500 leading online journals are available in the library on management & IT.
Books and materials are issued using library: Information System (IS). This IS makes use of the latest bar-code technology. Photocopying and fax facilities are available in the library. The library IS also helps us to order more copies of the material in greater demand. Library services include CAS and CDS services.
The e-library provides a single-window access to all the electronic resources subscribed by the library. Efforts are on to provide a world-class online library system in the area of business related information. Cutting-edge technologies are used to make, relevant business and management information available on desktops. The e-library is accessible across the campus network.
The completely enabled library has an automated interface that allows the students and researchers to locate and access information and reference material via computerized search facility. Library information system is operational for more than 14 hours a day and being planned to offer round-the-clock services very soon. We are slowly moving towards a completely digital world of books and journals that can be accessed from any authorized computer in the campus or outside.
The Institute consistently invests in books and subscribes to newer journals and databases for the benefit of the students and faculty members. The library is managed by a librarian, assistant librarian and staff. The entire faculty, staff and students enjoy the benefit of reading in library. Collections are of various sizes and formats, most of them are kept in open shelves for being directly accessed by the users. Some are preserved in closed stacks and made available only on request. The books are classified by Dewey Decimal Classification (DDC) 20th edition. But, now attempt is being made to change the class numbers with the help of DDC 22nd edition.
The facilities available in the library are:
Computerization: Most of the library operations/services are computerized. The computerization activities are supported by 6 PIV machines, one laser printer, one barcode printer and four barcode scanners. The library has been using an integrated library automation package capable of working in multi user, networked environment.
Computers/Cyber Lab: 50 P IV HP computers are in the library meant for users to search internet and online journals.
Networking: All the machines (computers) in the library are connected in LAN environment.
Laptop Lounge: Facilities provided to 50 users to use their laptop inside the library both in wireless and LAN connectivity.
Reprographic facilities /Photocopy: The library is equipped with two heavy duty plain paper photocopy machines to meet the reprographic need of the users. The collection of books is being continuously updated with latest titles of interest. Books: There are more than 10,000 titles, following a well defined book acquisition policy; the library has acquired a collection of more than 40,000 books/reports (other than non-book materials) in different areas of management, computer science, hospitality & tourism, and spiritual studies.
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