Collaboration for Effective Learning


We have strong Collaboration within & outside the institution essential for the success & development of students from all over the campus.

  • Our students maintain strong association with the professors. We have strong collaborations with other universities and contact them directly for the much needed help.
  • Our strong collaboration with the global institutes help our students explore the outer world and get acquainted to the corporate culture and practices followed in multiple nations.
  • Students routinely get access to classes and do in-depth research with strong collaboration with experienced researchers who act as sincere guides, and do a great job.
  • We collaborate with the best professionals, researchers, mentors & that plays a substantial role in shaping the fortunes of our students
  • Collaboration between academics and practitioners remains a standing challenge. However, RCM has done an outstanding job of collaboration with various institutions.
  • There is a strong collaboration with external faculties of top institutions who educate our students by sharing their valuable experiences.
  • Eminent senior officials of multinational companies visit our campus and share their industry experience